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OxyCat® pellet catalysts: a new generation

Pellet catalysts are great for efficient and cost-effective treatment of drinking and industrial water with high flow rates.

The Silver Dilemma

Silver is a great for keeping water clean. However, added directly to the water, it will find its way into the body and the environment.

OxyCat® FAQ – Top Ten

Here you will find the answers to the ten most frequently asked questions about our unique OxyCat® technology.

Learning from Mother Nature

Mother nature is never wasteful. Optimal use of resources is crucial. This is highly efficient and clean at the same time.

Clean Drinking Water for Tonga, Kenya

One of the projects close to our hearts: a drinking water treatment plant for the village of Tonga, Kenya; close to Lake Victoria. Since January 2009, our plant has been providing clean drinking water for two schools with 1,000 students. The schools: Tonga Girls and Boys Secondary Schools.
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