OxyCat® FAQ – Top Ten

Here you will find the answers to the ten most frequently asked questions about our unique OxyCat® technology.

  1. Does OxyCat® contaminate drinking water?

    No! OxyCat® is inert.  No chemicals are being released into the water. Purification of the water takes place directly on the catalyst surface.
  1. Do harmful byproducts occur?

    No! OxyCat® keeps water clean using natural oxygen from the air. No byproducts like with chlorination!
  1. Does it affect taste?

    On the contrary! Water tastes fresh longer without the unpleasant smell of chlorine. No more stale taste!
  1. What’s the difference between OxyCat® and disinfection?

    OxyCat® has a preventive effect.
Eats up all of bacteria’s nutriments.         

Scares away bacteria with its high redox potential.

Makes sure water stays clean.

  1. What are the advantages of prevention?

    No harmful byproducts. No toxins of living bacteria are released. No formation of harmful disinfection byproducts, such as toxic chlorine compounds and hundreds of thousands of dead bacteria per milliliter. With chemical disinfection, the water is no longer infectuous but of bad quality. It becomes toxic and allergenic.
  1. How can water stay clean without chemicals?

    Thanks to twofold 24/7 protection with OxyCat®:
  • Repellent! Bacteria have a special sensor for the constantly high redox potential on the OxyCat® surface. They avoid these areas. It works like a bug spray for bacteria.
  • Catalysis! The ubiquitous oxidants in the water are permanently generating the high ROS required.
  1. Do I need to follow any special instructions?

    Only a few! OxyCat® immediately knows what to do. It is crucial, however, to use clean water. Contaminated water needs to be disinfected and filtered first. For household appliances you also need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  1. Can I also disinfect water using OxyCat®?

    Yes! But only in conjunction with other disinfectants. In doing, so you, can reduce chemicals by 90%. Chemical contamination (heavy metals, pesticides…), dirt particles etc. need to be removed with the right filter.
  1. Can I use OxyCat® on the go?

    Of course! First, for maintaining water freshness in drinking bottles or RV water tanks. Second, for disinfecting visibly clean water with chlorine or peroxide tablets. In tropical climates even the sun will work as a disinfectant. Additional filters are required for the removal of chemical contamination or dirt particles. For long-distance travel we recommend travel filters with legionella protection for showers.
  1. How long does OxyCat® last?

    Minimum 6 months! It will work for 6 months, if applied properly.


*The answers above only apply to the post-treatment of drinking water for household purposes, agriculture and industry.

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