OxyCat® pellet catalysts: a new generation

Pellet catalysts are great for efficient and cost-effective treatment of drinking and industrial water with high flow rates.

New generation

Our massive, OxyCat®-coated silver granules were developed as a niche product for slow processes with extended service life. In order to meet the requirements of traditional water treatment, we were able, in cooperation with Johnson Matthey, Switzerland; to develop a suitable catalyst. Our goals were quick responding qualities for high flow rates; and, at the same time, improved sustainability and product quality.

Manufacturing of new generation

During the first step a silver coating is applied to the aluminum oxide. Afterwards, the activation step is performed at SilverSan AG. The result: a sandwich consisting of aluminum oxide – silver – OxyCat® (left). Key advantage: The active surface is multiplied. As a result, kinetics and, hence, flow rates increase.  

Catalyst research

OxyCat® activity is higher than one would expect based on the increase of the surface alone. Studies on silver-based carrier catalysts show that the substrate (i.e. the carrier) significantly impacts catalytic properties. The carrier’s base-acid properties are crucial. They modulate:

  • Adsorption and desorption processes of the reactants on the catalyst surface
  • Electronic situation (free orbitals) of the catalyst
  • Reaction paths and end products will change accordingly.
  • Microstructure of the catalyst Cluster formation, imperfections, distortions etc. are usually areas of increased activity.

These latest findings in catalyst research have been rigorously implemented in the selection of our ceramic oxide carrier as well as during the entire OxyCat® manufacturing process.


OxyCat® catalysts can easily be integrated into existing treatment processes. They will help to drastically reduce energy and chemicals consumption as well as disinfection residue.

OxyCat® is sustainable.

Facts and Figures

  • Development complete.
  • Sufficient capacity for production of raw materials and finishing process
  • Start sale
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