Water Treatment
with OxyCat®

OxyCat® is the result of over two decades of research and development. We have every reason to be very proud of our creation! Its mode of action and performance are one of a kind. And here’s why!

Protection of Systems and Components

We are able to provide long-term and cost-effective protection for water, components and entire systems.

Customers surely appreciate our invention: OxyCat® has become a staple in laboratories, laboratory and life science, medical engineering, air-conditioning.

Protection of Materials

We also provide easy protection for materials: Anything from cleaning wipes to tile joints in luxury spas. OxyCat® offers long term protection against bacteria, mold or algae infestation for all materials.

OxyCat® - Core Mission

1. Treatment: OxyCat® is a processing aid in the treatment of contaminated water: traditional disinfection

    • catalyst to help improve „traditional disinfection“ methods using chlorine, ClO2, ozone, peroxides, as well UV and membrane techniques
    • application of a direct current (photovoltaic) as a way to create an eco-friendly alternative disinfectant without in situ production of chlorine and ozone
    • thermal disinfection (for solar thermic see below)

2. Protection: standalone application: protection of purified water, components and entire systems

  • fire wall concept
  • prevention of bio film in pipes, membranes, filters (for pumps), shower heads
  • water contamination control

The Fire Wall Principle

Fire wall – a well thought out comprehensive concept using OxyCat®. Our  fire wall is a holistic approach to sustainably maintain the hygienic balance in water distribution systems such as installations, appliances and filters.

Water Quality Requirement? It Needs to Be Potable!

Our point of reference with the fire wall principle: The water needs to meet WHO minimum requirements and be potable. Our main focus here is to maintain its initial condition. If the minimum requirements are not met, a pretreatment using OxyCat® enhanced disinfection will be necessary.

How do we do it? The water flows through an obligatory input filter (police filter) into the system. This filter will prevent any intrusion of organic contaminants and organisms. Any residue contamination is removed. The water stays fresh and protected- even during prolonged stagnation phases.

OxyCat®, the Protector

For every system there is a critical interface between said system and its surroundings. These include faucets, showerheads, toilets and dead pipes etc. Being the main sources of contamination, these interfaces need to be separated. The solution: OxyCat®! Our catalysts act as semipermeable barriers. Water can pass through, but the barrier remains impermeable to harmful substances.

The result: Our OxyCat® fire wall becomes an unsurpassable obstacle for contaminants, thus, preventing planktonic contamination: No biofilm can form!

Biofilm – No, Thanks!

Biofilm is prevented by our fire wall. Biofilm formation always starts with the settlement of planktonic contaminants on the material surface. By preventing this initial process, we achieve long term protection from biofilm infestation throughout the entire system.

It’s working 24/7 to provide nonstop protection.

Just think about the usual warm and cold-water system in your private home. When do problems arise? Only after biofilm has already formed. Thus, biofilm prevention is paramount. Once biofilm has tricked its way into the system it is nearly impossible to get rid of it. That is why we focus on preventive measures: The only road to long term success!

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