OxyCat® Applications

OxyCat® keeps drinking water fresh and offers significant improvement in terms of energy consumption and eco-friendliness for traditional disinfection methods.

Putting one OxyCat® stick in a storage container is enough to keep drinking water fresh. For traditional water treatment, we use cartridges filled with OxyCat® granules which are then integrated into the water circuit using standard connection technology. This is a cost-effective way of enhancing the technology already in place. With basically zero retrofit cost.

OxyCat® stick

3 different grades of granulate material

Advantages OxyCat®

OxyCat® effect
chemical disinfection with chlorine, ozone, ClO2, …
easily available
high chemical consumption,
high energy consumption,
harmful byproducts,
keeps the water fresh, chemical-free,
less byproducts,
reduction of chemical and energy consumption,
improved taste,
lower costs and less corrosion
low cost,
does not keep the water fresh,
keeps the water fresh, chemical-free,
less time-consuming
does not keep the water fresh,
effectiveness depends on species and service life of
short range,
harmful byproducts
keeps the water fresh, chemical-free,
enhanced effectiveness through increased formation of radicals
eliminates microorganisms,
chemicals and particles
does not keep the water fresh,
expensive and sensitive membranes,
high energy consumption, membrane blocking
keeps the water fresh, chemical-free,
no membrane blocking caused by biofouling,
reduction of energy consumption by keeping membrane surface clean

Product Advantages

OxyCat® activates chemical disinfectants as well as natural oxygen. Disinfectant properties rely on the oxidation of organic materials, including microorganisms and bacteria. This type of oxidization is also called mineralization and can be significantly improved with OxyCat®.

That means lower costs, lower environmental impact, and high water quality.

Water that has been treated accordingly no longer contains any useable nutrients. The microbiology is simply being starved. The high redox potential of OxyCat® surface also acts as a repellant. OxyCat® offers twice the freshness.

This twofold protection lasts for month without added chemicals. Since the settlement of bacteria is inhibited in the first place, the water remains free of toxic metabolic products. This prevents the build-up of „dead bacteria“ and other allergenic substances (endotoxins) caused by chemical disinfection. This guarantees healthier and tastier drinking water.

OxyCat® effect is universal. Application possibilities are nearly endless. Its unique effectiveness in the fight against biofilm is particularly remarkable.

Biofilm Protection with OxyCat®

The following images demonstrate that there is no biofilm formation in the OxyCat® protected area. Beyond the protected area, we see dramatic biofilm formation. This long-term test was conducted at the IWW (Mühlheim Ruhr, Germany). The water contained small amounts of nutrient solution and chlorine, which led to heavy infestation without OxyCat®.

Biofilm without OxyCat®

No biofilm with OxyCat®

OxyCat® Main Application: Water Treatment

Special applications as well as applications using rope, knitted fabric, braided fabric, sieves, pads, powders, masterbatch; others applications upon request.

  1. OxyCat® granules applied directly in prefilter, for example in sand filters
    • main advantage:
      • biofilm control in the filter
    • savings potential
      • less maintenance
      • longer service life of filter medium
      • lower energy costs due to reduced pressure drop
  2. OxyCat® granules directly applied in storage tank for iron removal
    • main advantages
      • boost output of oxidation agent
    • savings potential
      • lower chemical costs
      • tank can be scaled smaller
  3. OxyCat® chemical disinfection: Granules in a cartridge directly after adding disinfectant
    • main advantages:
      • boost output of disinfectant
      • increased product quality
    • savings potential
      • lower chemical costs
      • lower maintenance costs due to less corrosion
  4. OxyCat® membrane technology: Granules in cartridges before membrane, or braided fabric around membrane
    • main advantages:
      • no blocked membrane due to biofilm
    • savings potential
      • low membrane costs due to increased output
      • lower maintenance costs
      • lower energy costs due to reduced pressure drop
  5. OxyCat® solar thermal: Granules in cartridge after solar thermal disinfection
    • main advantages:
      • eco-friendly because chemical-free
      • decentralized and not dependent on external power source
    • saving potential:
      • no chemicals
      • robust engineering
      • no energy costs
  6. OxyCat® legionella protection for warm water systems: Granules in cartridges, or sieves in shower heads/faucets
    • main advantage:
      • high proven effectiveness against legionella
      • direct protection of sensitive components, like shower heads, against retrograde contamination
      • protection during stagnation thanks to 24/7 effectiveness
    • savings potential
      • less inspections required
      • high costs for thermal treatment do not apply
      • no chemicals
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