Air Purification – New Area of Application

Our SilverSan® products have been used for over 20 years for purification of humidifying water. Thanks to our new OxyCat® catalysts we can now purify the air itself.

Proprietary studies in cooperation with eawag, Switzerland within the scope of a project funded by the Bill Gates Foundation show that OxyCat®  also catalyzes the degradation of organic carbon. This is not surprising since silver catalysts have long been used as oxidation catalysts.

A Global Problem

Globalization and climate change have made it easy for diseases to turn into pandemics. Scourges such as malaria, dengue or yellow fever are making their way north along with mosquitoes. Due to global movement and travel a virus now spreads across the globe in far less than 80 days. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how quickly a virus can spread and wreak havoc.

Now the goal is to find solutions to prevent the causes and efficiently interrupt the transmission of COVID 19.  Air purification cannot replace the wearing of masks or social distancing, however, it is a great way to mitigate the risk of transmission in schools, public buildings etc. These measures are designed as an addition to existing ventilation measures – they do not replace them!

Our Solution OxyCat®

The known and tried-and-tested advantages of our patented SilverSan® surface are an invaluable asset in air purification. The unique stability against sulfur compounds as well as high circulation of substances at the millions of micro-electrodes significantly increase service life and purifying capacity. Thanks to the patented three-fold OxyCat® effect!

Main advantages are:

  • As opposed to untreated silver, OxyCat® oxidation power remains in effect over an extended period – even in a sulfurous environment!
  • The filtered organic materials are degraded through oxidation which prevents blockage of the active filter surface.
  • Without organic materials microorganisms will starve.
  • The repellent effect prevents the settlement of microorganisms.
  • OxyCat® is not a nano technology and may therefore be applied in the US without any problems.
OxyCat Triple-Action

Filter Types

OxyCat® for air purification is available as granules (alumina balls, 2mm, OxyCat® coating) or fabric composite PP/OxyCat®. Composites are also available as a mechanical filter fabric sandwich. The composites are manufactured by us (new production site in Münchberg, Germany), mechanical filters are bought in addition.
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