Manufacturing Process

OxyCat® catalysts and water treatment supplements are based on our patented SilverSan® technology for the activation and stabilization of group 11 metal surfaces.

The manufacturing procedure was first applied in 1995. For the following five years the procedures were constantly improved, for example by running long-term tests. After that, the patent was filed. Our first commercial success was the application in travel filters and reverse osmosis plants.

Manufacturing of Redox-Reactive Oxidation Catalysts

Our patented SilverSan® process is a sequence of chemical treatment steps: 

Surface cleaning to achieve a predefined initial condition

Silver turns black under the formation of Ag2S. In this condition, it is inadequate for treatment of drinking water.
Partial chemical oxidation to achieve a predefined level of oxidation on the catalyst surface

„Freezing“ of oxidation level
Securing a stable redox potential at the microelectrodes

Creation of a protective membrane
Shielding from catalyst toxins

Crystal-chemical modelling of protective membrane
High throughput rate due to optimal exchange of substances and energy

Direct drying to achieve a predefined residual porosity
Ready to use: no pretreatment of catalyst necessary

Thanks to our patented manufacturing process, we are able to manufacture oxidation catalysts with extraordinary properties. Outstanding feature of OxyCat® catalysts: The multitude of microelectrodes on the surface. The long-lasting protective membrane ensures steady and safe operation for years.

OxyCat® und SilverSan® – A Successful Package

This finishing process is performed exclusively by our sister company SilverSan AG, Switzerland (www.silver-san.com). They are happy to answer all your questions about any available OxyCat® product.

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