Unique OxyCat® casing

Our braiding can be both catalytic agent and passive protective casing. As a protective casing, it is a cost-effective alternative to injected-molded casings. Its open construction and materials make it the perfect fit for our OxyCat® catalysts.

In practice, our catalysts are integrated in a customer-specific casing and are then marketed by the customer as a proprietary product.


  • Injection-molding tools are expensive and only start becoming profitable when producing six-figure quantities. Whether these are realistic numbers when exploring new business fields is written in the stars.
  • If changes are made to the design of the device, oftentimes, the casing does not fit anymore. This usually entails unsightly design compromises for cost reasons.


  • Our braided casings are both more cost-effective and flexible.
  • Minimum order: 100 units
  • For the “5 g OxyCat® granule cartridge” and the “5 cm OxyCat® knitted cartridge” casings shown below, price for empty cartridge (50 mm x 13 mm diameter, loose in bag, for orders of 100 units) is CHF 0.45 a piece, or CHF 6.00 per running meter.
  • For filled cartridges (granules or knitted fabric), additional charges of the current catalyst price + CHF 0,75 mounting fee apply . Shipping in batches of 100 units, loose in bag.
  • Colors and dimensions customizable for minimum orders of 250 units.
  • Manufactured in Germany and Switzerland.

Image: Braided OxyCat® cartridge

Interested? We look forward to hearing from you!

Heinz Stadelmann


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