PaSta AG is Looking for
Sales and Technology Partners

Our strength: development and scientific technical support for our patented technologies. All basic materials are being produced exclusively for us by renowned German companies under the guidance of Johnson Matthey, Switzerland – „custom made“, so to speak!

Refined with SilverSan® 

The catalytic properties are being added exclusively by our sister company SilverSan AG, Switzerland; in accordance with our exclusively licensed patented SilverSan® procedure.

We offer the product – OxyCat® – and the required expertise. Our clients integrate OxyCat®. The result: Improvement of your own products, unique selling point and/or creation of new product lines based on our technologies.

Current Projects:

  • high-end equipment by global leader of laboratory and life science
  • protection against blocked jets in inkjet printers
  • medical devices such as lithotripter
  • air conditioning and room humidification
  • tanks of small household appliances
  • optimization of traditional disinfection procedures for drinking and process water
  • optimization of traditional purification procedures in the food processing industry
  • solar thermal, chemical-free desinfection
  • keeping water fresh

Possible Projects - Examples:

  • water contamination control at home
  • camping, drinking fountains: application of our new EPS technology (Electrically Pulsed Catalysis)
  • catalyst-supported water treatment:
    • less disinfectants
    • improved product quality: taste, tolerability
    • cleaning of hygiene areas
  • evaporative cooling using OxyCat® and special „evaporators“:
    • improved workplace hygiene and comfort
  • swimming pool
    • chlorine reduction
    • no undesired by-products
    • no skin irritation or red eyes
    • biofilm control
  • product development according to your wishes

Issues with water hygiene? You would like to reduce the use of chemicals and energy while increasing safety? You are looking for sustainable technologies? Please let us know! We will be happy to help you find individual solutions. As a team!

PaSta AG – your reliable partner!

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